Megan Karnes founded, was CEO and is now the Chair, of the UK National Charity HoardingUK.

Whether a new venture, immediate crisis or long-term problem, Mental Health Consultancy UK provides tailored, hands-on consultancy bringing the experience of over twenty years of organisational development work across a broad range of private, public and voluntary sector companies.

Mental Health Consultancy UK knows that the key to success means working together to:

  • Empower existing staff/volunteers.
  • Valuing their expertise and experience at the same
    time as motivating people at all levels of the organisation to engage in change.
  • Involve people in decision making: ensuring that engagement involves inclusive, responsibility taking across all levels.

Create transparent professional relationships by understanding strengths whilst supporting growth in weaker areas and promoting problem-solving and proactivity.

Using experience, judgement and commitment Megan Karnes has ensured that each organisation across all streams have gone on to greater success after their working partnership with Mental Health Consultancy UK.