Assertiveness Training for People Using Mental Health Services (Half-Day)

Assertiveness Training Overview

Half-day course for people with lived experience of mental health and using mental health services.

Assertiveness means being able to respect oneself and feeling confident to express clearly and meaningfully.  It also, though, means respecting other people and their right to be heard.

This interactive course works to help empower people who may be feeling as if their voices, choices and views are not given equal representation within services designed to support them.

Methods: Discussion, Exercises, Presentation


  • What is assertiveness?
  • Aspects of Assertiveness
  • Managing Conflict
  • What gets in the way?
    – Power/Power Imbalance
    – Rights/Responsibilities
  • Confident Communication
  • Boundaries
  • Influencing

Outcomes include improved communication skills, better understanding of assertiveness, learning to make informed decisions and empowered capacity to feel confident.

£400 Half day course deliverable in person (up to fifteen people).  £700 for two consecutive sessions delivered on the same day at the same place.

£300 Half day course deliverable virtually (up to thirty people)  £550 for two consecutive sessions on the same day virtually.

Other professional training includes:

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