Motivational Interviewing Training

Megan has trained in Motivational Interviewing in relation to both her work with HoardingUK and for other mental health charities.

Course content:

  • What is motivational interviewing (MI)?
  • Basic principles of the approach
  • MI as a conversational style
  • Key concepts of MI
  • What is the righting reflex and why should I resist it?
  • When to use, and when not to use the MI
  • Why do people get stuck in damaging behaviours?
  • MI’s 4 processes model of the journey toward change – a road map for a
    journey of change
  • MI and the cycle of change
  • The spirit of MI – the heart and mind set of the approach
  • The importance of the client-worker partnership
  • Introduction to core skills
  • Basic strategies for encouraging change
  • Practice skills sessions: using core skills

MI and the Cycle of Change

  • Precontemplation
  • Engaging
  • Goals of building rapport
  • Contemplation
  • Decision
  • Action
  • Maintenance
  • Relapse

O.A.R.S. (Open Questions, Affirmation, Reflective Listening, and Summary)
What is the righting reflex and why should I resist it?
Sustain talk
Change talk

Outcomes include improved communication skills, better client engagment and improved person-centred outcomes.

Methods of delivery: 

This course utilises PowerPoint presentation and flip chart work as aids to the trainer’s presentation.  Delegates are encouraged to share their knowledge through group discussion, small group work and practical exercises.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Describe the key principles of the MI approach
  • Identify when MI might usefully be applied
  • Describe some basic skills and strategies for helping people change

Ten percent of fees are donated the charity she founded and now Chairs – HoardingUK.  

Other professional training includes: