Motivational Interviewing Training

Megan has trained in Motivational Interviewing in relation to both her work with HoardingUK and for other mental health charities.

Course covers areas such as:

Building Rapport
What is motivational interviewing (MI)?
The spirit of MI – the heart and mind set of the approach
Introduction to core skills, key concepts/basic principles of the approach
Why do people get stuck in damaging behaviours?

MI and the cycle of change
• Precontemplation
• Engaging
• Goals of building rapport
• Contemplation
• Decision
• Action
• Maintenance
• Relapse

O.A.R.S. (Open Questions, Affirmation, Reflective Listening, and Summary)
What is the righting reflex and why should I resist it?
Sustain talk
Change talk

Outcomes include improved communication skills, better client engagment and improved person-centred outcomes.

Ten percent of fees are donated the charity she founded and now Chairs – HoardingUK.  

Other professional training includes: