Mental Health Consultancy UK is committed to positively impacting the experience of people affected with short or long-term Mental Health issues by providing individual counselling and clinical supervision; working with private and voluntary sector organisations to bring systemic change; supporting clients in an advocacy role; and delivering empowering training.

Megan Karnes, qualified Counsellor, understands that both internal and external issues create a uniquely experienced psychological distress that can benefit from exploration between counsellor/client or from the support of a group.

As a qualified Clinical Supervisor Megan understands that supervision provides an essential space for exploring client work, ensuring ethical issues are kept in the frame and supporting personally relevant material to be examined safely.

With over ten years of business consultancy success Ms Karnes has a proven track record of working with public and private sector companies delivering Organisational Development results in areas such as Media/PR, Project Management, External Relations, Operations and Services.  She founded HoardingUK, the UK National Charity for people impacted by hoarding behaviour.

Megan has over ten years experience as a professional community as well as an Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA).

Megan has delivered exciting, affordable training for small and large groups both in the UK and Europe understanding that training informs not only participants, but the wider community.